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If you’re really serious about scaling a car rental fleet and being financially free in a matter of months, you’ve landed on the right page! From webinars to mentorship programs, there’s a resource available for everyone and anyone - which will be your best fit?

I went from a 400 credit score and driving a 2008 Jeep Wrangler to an 800 credit score, purchasing my first Lamborghini Huracan and Rolls Royce Wraith in the same month and I’m here to show you how. It’s time to put yourself in the driver’s seat!

Webinar: The Ultimate Rent Your Ride Masterclass

This is your chance to learn how to build your own car rental fleet with no experience and no money out of your own pocket...from the ground up!
During this webinar you will learn:
  • The Exact Steps I Have Taken To Build A Million Dollar Car Fleet
  • How You Can Start Your Own Car Rental Fleet Using The Banks Money
  • How To Build Your Credit And Auto History Score FAST
  • ​The Best Places To Buy Rental Cars (At Bargain Prices)
  • ​How To Use Social Media To Scale Your Car Rental Business

Reserve your place at the Ultimate Rent Your Ride Masterclass now and start watching as soon as possible:

The Rent My Ride Program

I’ve put together the ultimate ‘Rent My Ride’ program to help you break free from the dreaded 9-5, debt-filled cycle and start living the life you want. This program is all about leveraging your current liabilities and turning them into assets with little to NO money. 

This course is the ULTIMATE guide to building a profitable, scaleable car rental fleet! By signing up today, you’re going to get the full step by step guide to building your car rental fleet from the ground up, including:
  • ​How To Use “The Leverage Method” To Get More Clients Than You Can Count
  • How To Use Social Media & Paid Ads To Instantly Boost Your Inquiries & Find New Customers
  • How To Use Your Credit & Social Currency To Get Cars Fast
  • ​How To Take Advantage Of “The Brokering Method” and “Joint Venture Method”
  • The Exact Steps To Getting Cars Without Spending A Single Cent

The Private VIP Mentorship Program

Join our private VIP mentorship program and get direct access to the man behind Rent My Ride. Here’s What You’ll Get Access To If You Join The VIP Mentorship:
  • 1 X Call A Week For 4 Weeks And Then 1 X Call A Month For 4 Months
  • Personal Advice & Guidance From Me, @pushmanmitch
  • How To Build Your Credit And Auto History Score FAST
  • Access To Our Exclusive Private Mastermind Facebook Group
  • The Chance to Connect With Like-Minded People, In The Same Boat As You
Basically, everything you could need to put your best foot forward and avoid making any newbie mistakes that you normally would when getting started in a brand new industry.

But Wait, There’s More...

If you need further assistance, the resources don’t stop there. Click here to learn from any of the below:
  • ​24-hour Hard Inquiry Removal Method
  • Mentorship
  • ​Social Proof Podcast with David Shands
  • ​Schedule 1 On 1 Call
  • ​Free Webinar Registration
  • ​Only Fans Knowledge
  • ​Rental Car Course
  • ​Rental Car Course Deluxe w/ Credit Repair

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Contact: pushinvesting@gmail.com

Joint Venture

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