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So Your Credit Score Sucks - And It’s Not Getting Any Higher…

December has rolled around once again, and for many, it’s the perfect time of year to invest in a new credit card. Just in time for all that holiday spending... Except not for you.

You feel like you’ve been disapproved by every provider out there. Maybe your credit score isn’t so hot. That could simply be because you made some poor financial decisions in the past. But I’ve got bad news for you:

With Every Credit Application, You Could Be Making Your Credit Score Even Worse...

Whenever you apply for a new line of credit, a hard inquiry takes place.

You may know it as a ‘hard pull’ too.

This is where creditors look into your file from credit bureaus and check how much risk you present as a borrower. 

Hard inquiries are a regular part of your financial life as an adult…
...but they should be avoided where possible.

The problem is that every time a hard inquiry takes place your credit score gets LOWER…

Hard inquiries that result in an account being opened for a loan or credit card being approved look great on your report.


Hard inquiries that result in a rejection are like HUGE neon warning signs for potential lenders!

And what makes these inquiries even worse?

Hard Inquiries Stay On Your Credit Report For 2 Years…

Too many inquiries on your report can be a surefire way to prevent you from acquiring new lines of credit. At least, until those two years are over. Assuming you don’t have any hard inquiries in the meantime… So how are you supposed to make things better?
Do you just have to wait around for all those inquiries to disappear from your report?
That’s what a lot of people believe. BUT: There’s a much faster way to clear them that’s been used for YEARS… One that still works just as effectively today as it did when it was first introduced:

Introducing The 24-Hour Express Inquiry Deletion Method!

Here’s What’s Included:
  • The Method To Clearing Hard Inquiries From ALL 3 Credit Bureaus (Experian, Equifax & TransUnion) Within 24 Hours
  • ​All The Phone Numbers You Need To Call To Start Growing Your Credit Score
  • ​A Prompt Sheet Of What To Say When Speaking To Credit Bureau Representatives

Your Credit Building History Begins With Removing Inquiries… And This Is The Best Way To Do It!

I’m offering you the chance to get the tried and tested method to wipe hard inquiries from your credit report!
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Don’t believe it can be this simple? 
See for yourself how many people have used this method to start rebuilding their credit score:

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Hard Inquiries Have Impacted Your Credit Score For Too Long… It’s Time To Do Something About It!
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