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Lifestyle Coaching and Strategy for the Modern Creative

Pushman Mitch is a 7-figure entrepreneur running a successful car rental fleet. He built his wealth from the ground up by leveraging credit scores and various strategies. Since succeeding in this venture, he didn’t keep quiet. Instead, he started a program to share the secrets of succeeding in the car rental business.

Mitch has been teaching people rental care business for the last 2 years. He trains people who want to venture into car rental businesses on the strategies and methods they can utilize without money and experience. The objective is to help them build wealth in the car rental niche and get out of the debt-filled cycle. He has a wealth of knowledge in the field, having spent 8 years renting cars. This aspect makes him a master in the rental car fleet business niche.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, Mitch is a course writer with various successful courses under his arm.

Credit Repair
Course Writer

Mitch utilized current liabilities to scale his credit score from 400 to 800, enabling him to purchase a Rolls Royce Wraith and Lamborghini Huracan in the same month. He teaches people how to utilize the same approach through the Credit repair course.

Rent My Ride
Course Writer

Want to launch a successful rental car business? Mitch is a writer of the Rent My Ride Course,which offers a step-by-step guide on starting and scaling your rental car fleet. He shares his real-life experience and actionable strategies and methods that enabled him to succeed.

Airbnb Course

Mitch also has a course teaching how to invest in the Airbnb rental business. He offers a detailed course on strategies to establish a profitable Airbnb venture and buy your mansion.

How to Write an
E-book Writer

Are you wondering how to turn your experience and skills into profit? Mitch shows you the way. He offers a course to teach you how you can write an e-book.
Pushman Mitch’s goal is to help people build wealth and get them out of the debt-filled lifestyle. He is a coach, motivator, course writer, and teacher.

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A good coach makes sure that they have the right incentive before taking on a client


A good coach makes sure that they have the right incentive before taking on a client

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Ololade Ekwere MSN, PMHNP-BC, FNP-BC, Realtor
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What a thought provoking presentation on legacy Pushman . and that delivery was fantastic. Great connecting with you at the 4th annual #Elex conference in Houston.
Samuel Okechukwu MSN, PMHNP-BC
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What an impeccable speaker. You connected with the audience and your message definitely resonated with me. Keep it up.
Simon Ogom
Simon Ogom
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Pushman, what an amazing speaker you are. Your presentation was articulate and thought provoking. You created an atmosphere of calmness and engaged with the audience from start to finish. Can’t wait for the next conference to hear you speak again.

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