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Do you have an upcoming event? The goal for your organization is to make it attractive and memorable. Your speakers play a critical role in making this a reality. No better way to change the ambiance of your event than having Pushman Mitch as your speaker. With experience in rental cars and having started from the ground to six-figure, he is the right person you will ever dream of having in any event.

Pushman is a motivator, teacher, and coach who will keep your audience engaged. His ability to connect with the audience makes them desire more time from him. The combination of provoking presentation, humor, and knowledge will always get the message home. Pushman will always turn your event into a haven of inspiration, learning, and mind-blowing experience.

When looking for a speaker who will always create a calm atmosphere and keep your audience engaged from the beginning to the end of your event, Pushman should be your selection. Get your audience engaged and inspired on how to overcome debts and get off the 9-5 intrigue. Let the attendants absorb the oozing knowledge of running a successful business and living the life they desire.

Book him for business conferences, workshops, annual meetings, or personal development camps. With Pushman speaking at your event, you can expect the following:

  • Highly engaged audience
  • More ticket subscriptions
  • Lively and participative audience
  • Transformed and motivated participants
  • Real-time achievement of the desired results.

If you want results in your upcoming business conferences and events, it is time to book Pushman Mitch as one of the speakers. Place your booking by contacting our team via pushinvesting@gmail.com. You can also fill out the form sharing your information such as name, business experience, credit scores, and social media pages, and our team will get back to you.

Let Pushman speak at your event, and he will place your audience in the driver’s seat.

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