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Black Club Membership
Do you want to make great strides on your first attempt in the rental car venture? The Black Club is the way to go. Get exceptional one-on-one mentorship and coaching from Pushman Mitch, the man behind the Ride My Car program.
Your membership will come with a package of resources and mentorship opportunities to help you start your venture on the right foot and avoid newbie mistakes. Your Black Club Membership gives access to:

VIP Mentorship

Bi-Monthly Mastermind in person with multimillionaire speakers
As a member, you will access in-person coaching sessions with multimillionaire speakers led by Pushman twice a month. You will engage in mastermind sessions and learn the secrets of building a multimillion-rental car empire. Be in a club of millionaires and become one faster.
Coaching calls 1 to 2 times per week
Ongoing coaching and mentorship are critical to the success of any venture. Become a Black Club member and enjoy an exclusive one or two coaching calls each week. Engage with Pushman to get the little know trick that keeps him at the top of the rental car business. You can ask any question and get instant feedback from a ninja in the rental car niche. With these calls, you can be sure of real-time guidance and results.
Private telegram group

Access continuous coaching and engage with the top coach and multimillionaire entrepreneur. Your Black club membership comes with an opportunity to join a private telegram group. You will engage with Pushman one-on-one. The group brings together other multimillion coaches and fellow members.

You will exchange ideas and get answers from colleagues and coaches to various questions. Pushman will share exclusive resources designed for Black club members to help them get faster results and scale up their rental car ventures. Meet like-minded people and grow together.

Over 50 percent off of rental cars, mansion rentals, event assistance, Pushman appearance

Are you struggling to scale your rental car fleet? Get into the Black Club for exclusive offers. The club members enjoy over 50% off rental cars. You will get two cars at the price of one as a Black club member. This way, you will scale your car fleet faster and with fewer challenges.

The offer does not end with rental cars. You will enjoy the same discount for mansion rentals to expand your AirBNB business. Your membership will give you the key to growing wealth.

In addition, Pushman will offer assistance when planning an event. Whether launching a new fleet, opening an additional mansion, or any other event, you will get the desired support and assistance.

Get an exclusive Pushman appearance at your event. Your Black club members are a ticket to Pushman’s appearance at your business events. The appearance will have a powerful impact on your brand.

Overall, you will have everything you need to get a breakthrough in your rental car venture. Join the Black Club and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs. Put your foot forward while avoiding mistakes that many entrants encounter and thrive.

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